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  • Why should I sell at elo?
    elo makes selling easy! We will deal from recieveing the goods to fullfilling them. We will take care of inspection, packing, warehousing, shipping orders, processing returns to even advertisment of your product.
  • What are the selling models?
    Currently we only offer to sell the goods on your behalf called.
  • How regularly will I recieve payments?
    You will recieve payments after every 15 days. Payments are made on 1st and 15th of each month. You will also get complete detail of what was sold and how much inventory you have in our warehouse.
  • How is elo different from other online marketplaces like daraz?
    elo works at a different model than daraz. We are a marketplace for the sellers, but one store for the buyers. At most marketplaces you need to go through a complex process of stocking, photographing and shipping the products yourself. With elo you just dont have to worry about anything else other than finding the right product and shipping to our warhouse in Faisalabad.
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